Collection Methodology

Automation to Insure Accuracy and Maximum Probability of Contact

When our client’s accounts enter our database they are immediately run through a 3-step scrubbing process which includes:

  • Updated Address
  • Bankruptcy
  • Deceased

Bankrupt and Deceased accounts are routed to our legal department which verifies the information and determines the “next step”. In the event the consumer is deceased or has filed for Bankruptcy protection, our legal department will take the appropriate action to ensure your collection accounts get resolved. Once the account has passed through this scrubbing process and it has been determined that the most accurate address has been obtained and there are no other legal obstacles to contacting the consumer, the account is handed off to our seasoned collection team to make contact and secure payment. All telephonic communication - whether it is a manual call or a call placed by our hosted dialing solution LiveVoX - is recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Legal Process

In the event the consumer doesn’t respond to written or telephonic communication, our collection representatives are trained in asset searching techniques to identify those consumers that have the ability but lack the motivation or willingness to pay voluntarily. After 60 to 90 days of intense efforts to contact the consumer to work out a reasonable payment arrangement without response from the consumer, the collection team will conduct an asset search including verifying employment, searching for any real property owned and any bank accounts in the name of the consumer. Once valid assets have been identified and verified, our legal department will prepare the necessary paperwork to file suit and obtain a civil judgment against the consumer.


Our collectors have access to the database maintained by Lexis Nexis, the leader in data mining today. Using their product, Accurint, our agents have access to a wide range of informaiton including: Addresses, Directory Assistance and Non-Directory Assistance telephone numbers for both land line and cellular phones, as well as property deeds and assessments. They can also search relatives, neighbors, and associates. Combined with the general internet searches at their disposal, our collectors exceed expectations when it comes to locating that elusive consumer.

Collector’s Pledge

Audit & Adjustment Company has been a member in good standing of ACA International since its inception in 1996. As a member of this organization we subscribe to a code of ethics that adheres to the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.

Audit & Adjustment Company employees adhere to the following Industry standard:

"I believe every person has worth as an individual.
I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.
I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their debts.
I will be professional and ethical.
I will commit to honoring this pledge."

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“Audit & Adjustment Company is an agency that is open to new ideas and different ways of approaching issues; they are willing to brainstorm ideas and come up with different approaches to issues that can arise in the accounts receivable world.”

-Business Services Manager, Public District Hospital

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